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danyell lyn

time to rep-pre-sent!

Yo yo MoCo Crafters!  This lady is looking for submissions for her DIY newsletter, and Infigure since we are such a crafty bunch of MoFos, we could all probably get stuff in it.  I already did a submission about yarn-recycling, so try it and let's see what happens:


Newsletter! [Jun. 3rd, 2005|06:21 pm] 
Calling All DIY-ers!

I'm looking to start a newsletter about reconstruction and deconstruction DIY. If you've ever shredded and sewn a shirt, created a purse out of dishcloths or anything similar, I WANT YOU!

Im aiming for a monthy, paid, two page front and back newsletter. If you have tutorials, instructions, pictures or anecdotes about recontruction DIY [or are looking to advertise!], submit it to me at:

Be sure to include your first name, age and hometown. Please put 'DIY' in the subject line!

If you have any questions or would like a subscription, contact me at the email above or on AIM --> n n e e t h m,

I'm looking so forward to creating this newsletter, reading your submissions and sharing it with all of you!

Send submissions ASAP!

[P.S. If I choose your submission, you'll be entitled to a FREE ISSUE!] 

________Letter from the editor____

Hey again!

Thanks so much. I was looking at all the LJ communities that I posted my ad on [I posted on quite a few of them] and it seems theres a bunch of people that are adverse to this idea. I didnt really get the response I was looking for with submissions. I though because I had posted on a zillion different communities, Id get all these people emailing me. For some reason, thats not the case. I just want a bunch of different peoples ideas along with my own, you know? If you have any friends that are into this, please let them know and pass my email addy along. It would be such a great help!


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