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9th March 2008

xstillxframex10:23pm: Hey hope this is okay...

I'm just doing an intro post first.
I'm Kristi and I am going to be a freshman at Moco this coming fall :-) I love to craft, make jewelry and all that goodness. I was really excited to see that there is a craft community at Moravian College! :D

I hope to get to know some of you soon!

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3rd January 2006

wheelinshirt2:06pm: Anti-Craft
I just found this cool website through the stumble button, and i this it is pretty neat. I especially like this pattern, though i would never wear anything like it myself. CHeck it out


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6th December 2005

erdnussbaum11:09am: I finally finished those slippers

aren't they precious?Collapse )

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28th November 2005

wheelinshirt12:27am: Hey Enrique!!
I found you that very special craft that you have been looking for.

Still no pattern, thoughCollapse )

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28th September 2005

affectionjunkie1:30pm: anyone want to chip in a share a table fee at some craft fairs this fall?

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27th September 2005

erdnussbaum7:32pm: I made this sweater

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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15th September 2005

erdnussbaum7:27pm: dear karen

I finished my boobholderCollapse )

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12th September 2005

savestheworld2:10pm: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=47159.0
i'd say you all should do this, but i'd also like to keep playing doctor mario at hillside 5f

but yeah...

and also, i'm at least half way done my boob sweater that i started judy and danielle's! (judy, i'm somewhere around increase row 15 out of 17)

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6th September 2005

savestheworld12:39pm: knitting puns!

also, there will be crafting when i visit this weekend, right? when and what?! big bed!?

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29th August 2005

savestheworld1:03pm: http://glampyreknits.tripod.com/glampyrephotos/id62.html
i want to make this
maybe we could do fiber crafts and play settlers of catan at the same time when i come up

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5th June 2005

affectionjunkie7:12pm: time to rep-pre-sent!

Yo yo MoCo Crafters!  This lady is looking for submissions for her DIY newsletter, and Infigure since we are such a crafty bunch of MoFos, we could all probably get stuff in it.  I already did a submission about yarn-recycling, so try it and let's see what happens:

more info and an e-mail from the editorCollapse )

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25th April 2005

w_e_n_d_y7:21pm: Massages, Music, and Food!
Take a break from your endless studying, and come relax at the library tomorrow night. From 7-11 in the coffeeshop (lower level of the library), we'll have free massages, live jazz and blues music, and lots and lots of free food.

No strings attached... no lectures, no scary librarian information, no research questions or anything. Just hang out and veg, get those kinks in your shoulders worked out, and stuff your face to your heart's content!
Current Mood: bouncy

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14th April 2005

affectionjunkie10:12am: final crafting party for the year? Maybe an outside crafting picnic? Everyone's thoughts?

Next year, 263 west greenwhich can be the official moco crafters hiz-ouse.

If we become a real group, Wendy you could be our advisor! (if WRMC isn't too overwhelming)

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6th April 2005

reallycoolguy3:48pm: rock is out
so, what's everyone think about making this a real club. it involves writing a constitution, but then we can also get usg funding. that money could buy supplies and stuff. we'd be like knitwits, but we'd do more than knit and crochet and keep everything for ourselves.

i also think that the president of mococrafters should be chosen through conclave.

or, it could be decided through a craft off.
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10th March 2005

reallycoolguy10:37am: http://www.churchofcraft.org/

we need to start this.

it would be great, and, with the power of the crafting gods on our side, we can defeat the knitwits.

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5th March 2005


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14th February 2005

affectionjunkie3:02am: anybody up for a craft party on friday?

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8th February 2005

reallycoolguy11:33pm: FIRST HAT!
i finished my first hat after having to restart four times. it only took a day.

it's pretty cool.

oh, and we should have a crafting party at some point.
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reallycoolguy9:24am: this is pretty great
i'm in class in the stat lab. we're doing a lab and i finished early. so i went to craftster.

jasper is definitly getting one of these.


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1st February 2005

fermezlebush10:59pm: I finished my afghan stripe! Now only 4 more to go. It took 3.5 weeks, so I hope to go a little faster and be done by graduation...when it's warm.
Current Mood: ecstatic

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28th January 2005

affectionjunkie10:18am: for enrique (and also Luke I guess)
"During the Middle Ages the famous "knitters' guilds" - which were, of course, composed entirely of men - brought the art of knitting to a very high degree of refinement. A young man who wished to become a member of such a guild had to serve as an apprentice to a Master Knitter for a mimimum of three years, and spend another three years in travel, learning foreign techniques and patterns. After this he had to pass a grueling examination, knitting a number of original "masterpieces" of his own in a very short time, and then was admitted to the guild as a Master in his own right. The men of these guilds made exquisite garments that were worn by kings and princes, and every member of the nobility had his or her favorite Master Knitter, as well as a favorite tailor or dressmaker.

The time-honored tradition that knitting is a manly art, rather than, or as well as, a womanly one, still persists in areas of northern Europe and the British Isles....The men of the Aran Isles in Ireland, who made their own "ganseyes" or jerseyes...believed that it was the duty of women to spin the wool, but the privilege of men to knit it. It is possible that at various times knitting has been considered an unwomanly activity, just as more recently such things as smoking or wearing pants were considered unwomanly."

found in another knitting community under a topic about teaching b/fs to knit

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25th January 2005

affectionjunkie2:32pm: WTF
WARNING: if you crochet or knit at the organizational fair, at least  7 people will come up and ask you if you are in charge of knitwits.  I explained that we had our own crafting circle since september.  I don't know yet what our official MOCO Crafter stance is on this new group.  Shall we spy, join, pillage?

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24th January 2005

wheelinshirt6:59pm: UHHHH?
Someone should craft themselves a set of these.

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